Everyone is scrambling to decide whether it’s a city or hot girl/ boy summer, but most agree it’s definitely a Whack summer; man, woman and child. While Yung Miami is holding it down for the City Girls (Free JT!), Nicki’s standing ten toes down for the Barbs and Meg is head of the hotties; Tierra Whack shakes things up as the master of time in her own wacky world.

The Philly native rose to fame with her first visual album Whack World which dropped on May 30, 2018. As the master of time, Whack managed to create 15, minute long alternative hip hop and R&B tracks setting her apart from most artists. The Interscope rapper and Dr. Seuss enthusiast is big on word play and is often able to explore thought provoking metaphors using simple ideas such as hungry hippo, her insect allergy and more. Whack’s body of work and her effortless Instagram freestyles continue to gain her more popularity and praise from both fans and established artists; including Beyonce who handpicked Whack and featured her song “My Power” on The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack.

However, Beyonce wasn’t the first celebrity to acknowledge Whack. Back in December of 2018, a fan used the “Ask Meek” hashtag to ask Meek Mill who he thinks the “best up incoming/new rapper in the game” is. Meek responded: Tierra Whack. On July 13, 2019 the fellow Philly native reaffirmed his statement when he tweeted, “the best female rapper in the world is @TierraWhack let’s argue.” A few days later, Whack was named one of 11 rappers in the XXL 2019 Freshman Class. 

With her career moving so quickly, it’s a good thing TYHTK was able to interview the artist back in May; before she took her rightful place in the spotlight. Whack, at the time, was 23 years old and had just finished a bomb performance after Stan Taylor’s set. As soon as she hit the stage the vibe changed immediately as she spoke to fans from the stage, shared water with them throughout her set and performed nearly all of her album . After the show, she answered a few questions:

TYHTK: What inspires your music and your sound?

WHACK: Really, I'm just a sponge. Any little thing can happen- like (earlier) the girl said she has pants in her hands and that’s in my head. So now I might want to go make a song about having pants in my hands and I don't know how I’m gonna make that song, but the littlest things, the biggest things, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know, it's just when I hear something, see something or feel something I find a way to let it out.

TYHTK: What’s that process usually like?

WHACK: It ranges! Because now I’m always traveling and stuff so I use what we’re using right now (an iPhone recorder). I use this all the time when I have random ideas and I run to the bathroom and sing a little idea or just say the words that are in my head in a recording so when I go to the studio, I’m able to bring that over and say okay what do I want to do with these things now. I’m crazy. I build up and then I unfold.

TYHTK: What was your transformation from Dizzle Diz to now?

WHACK: Well when I was Dizzle I was like 15/16-years-old, I’m (at the time) 23 now. That was just a childhood nickname and I was just rapping just doing cyphers and stuff, that’s it. But now, Tierra Whack, I’m making songs and music videos. 

TYHTK: Who are you outside of music?

WHACK: I’m me 24/7, 365. I annoy my friends, watch movies, watch cartoons. Favorite movie right off the top, I’ll say The Mask, Jim Carey. Favorite cartoon, South Park right now. I watch South Park everyday, every night all the time on my iPad. 

TYHTK: What’s the future for Tierra Whack? Your outfit is dope, anything in fashion?

WHACK: I think I just get lucky. I pull this together at like 3 a.m. They (her crew) put it in my suitcase and I just put it on when I got here. The future for me is just creating an impact on the world, kids, girls, guys, everybody. Just people. Our people, the community, my community. I just want to spread, yo, whatever you want to do you can do it. Just got to stay dedicated, stay committed, and believe in yourself. 

TYHTK: If you can describe your sound in one word what would it be?

WHACK: Whack. 

TYHTK Tierra Whack Top 5:

  1. Hungry Hippo

  2. Flea Market

  3. Hookers

  4. Fruit Salad

  5. Bugs Life