Nastasha B. Discusses Latest Single “Specially”


A recent graduate of New York University (NYU) Stern Business School, singer/song writer Nastaha B went from majoring in consulting with a minor in public policy to dropping her first single titled “Specially.” Taking on business, a pretty simple task for someone who practices patience and has innate math skills, was just step one on the artist’s journey.

Depending on ones relationship with her, Nastasha can be described as outgoing or quiet, but definitely mysterious; always. Priding herself on her exclusivity, few can say they really know the woman behind the stage name; but are definitely starting to know the alter ego aka Nastasha B.

Not only a stage name, Nastasha is also the New Yorker’s middle name. “My father wanted to name me Nastasha,”she said. “I feel like it has more originality to it, I feel it has more of a kick than my actual name,” she added when explaining the meaning behind her name. As for the “B,” everyone assumes it means bougie, accurate if bougie is indicative of someone who describes themself as “not easily impressed.” However, the artist assures, “B” doesn’t stand for bougie but instead represents something more personal.

However, privacy will be hard to maintain as Nastasha B embraces her moment to shine, accompanied by people all over wanting to know her story and who she is. The artist’s single “Specially” was released on August 8 on all platforms. Since, the record has been heard in parties and pushing its way to airtime, gaining Nastasha B more popularity.

Despite this being her first single, Nastasha is used to the music industry. “I’ve been singing in church since I was four, I been in girls groups since I was a kid,” she shared in Yuca on Avenue A. After leaving multiple girl groups, being featured on and writing for other artists, Nastasha recalls taking her individual artistry seriously around the beginning of her freshman year in college.

“That’s why college was so difficult for me,” she confessed, quickly adding, “not difficult in terms of grades, I graduated with a 3.5 (gpa),” she said matter of factly.

She went on, “Difficult in terms of timing and where I wanted my time to go.” Despite the challenge, Nastasha was inevitable. Most of the artist’s day was filled with classes between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. followed by studio sessions that would begin at 11 p.m. and last until 4 a.m.

Time at the studio was spent writing and singing which the Jamaican beauty found therapeutic during this transformative time. “My writing process is very organic, I don’t necessarily push myself to write. Thank God it comes naturally,” she said. “ A song process can go anywhere from five minutes to a month. It’s a process. It’s art so you can never rush it.”


“Specially,” specifically, came out super naturally from a place of imagination. The singer shared the R&B/Pop song was written and recorded the same night. In fact, Nastasha confirmed she has enough material, just as good as her debut single, to make at least four EP’s at the moment. Although an EP isn’t her next step, she assures each piece of music she has, recorded or written, is a representation of her diverse musical background and preferences. “I’m able to take you to the islands, have you in your bag, want you to get your money, and feel like you’re special with you man in five minutes (maybe) ten minutes in four songs,” she said.

As for life outside of her craft, Nastasha admits her work ethic has been getting her in some trouble in her personal life. “When you’re in this industry it’s definitely difficult to relate to family and friends,” she shared. And for everyone wondering, Nastasha set the record straight stating,“No one is treating me specially.” She further explained even when she wrote the song there was no special guy. While she isn’t exactly looking at the moment, Nastasha is definitely open to applications; just not via DM.

As for the future, Nastasha B wouldn’t give too much away, but ensured she’d make a very big impact on the world. Until then, she revealed their may be a “Specially Remix” coming out soon as well as more singles.

To follow her journey and keep up with new music follow Nastasha @nastasha.b on Instagram and continue to support her by streaming her song on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more.